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As the bringer of developmental toys and play Insplay has brought happiness and interesting activity into the homes of families for more than 30 years. Many Estonian homes and educational institutions have at least one of our toys, robots, boardgames or puzzles.

We have also brought STEAM to Estonia - We've brought the Estonian acronym of STEAM (MATIK) to the wider public. Learn about MATIK/STEAM here 

Insplay | Rekato

Insplay is the guide for parents.

Insplay's mission is to develop the skills of future generations.

Insplay has 30 years of experience in developmental play, smart toys and educational solutions.

We are the guide for parents. We encourage success through playful growth.

Insplay has provided educational institutes with over 30 000 smart programmable robots in the past years. 

We carry out schooling and webseminars every year for more than 1000 kindergarten and school teachers. 

We've built the Smart Parents Club and the Einstein3000 show, which unites and inspires the parents of the new generation.

If you don't want your child to be an average Joe, then join us!

Our manufacturing partners

We're known widely for being representative of many famous brands - LEGO, Ravensburger, Tactic, Revell and many more.  In education we're partnered with many top brands such as  LEGO Education, TTS, Makeblock, Sphero, Ozobot and great others. Get to know our brands here 

Insplay  education

Education is in our hearts.
We've made many educational communes such as Robotics in Kindergarten (over 4300 members) and Robotics in School (near 800 members). We carry out schooling and webseminars every year for more than 1000 kindergarten and school teachers. 

Insplay has organized many educational events such as  RoboOlympics which had over 5000 youths in attendance. We also host the RoboLeague at Robotex. In total we support 50 000 students who wish to study programming and robotics.

Our mentor program has over 30 education-inspired volunteers. We've invested in Estonian objects of study, study materials and guides.

Our continuous priority is creating Estonian content, growth, inspiring additional services and schooling.

Insplay Education

Product range

Insplay's product range has over 4000 developmental toys. From educational robotics and electronics to many fun boardgames. For educational institutes we offer STEAM (MATIK) product. These vary from tools, developmental toys and educational robotics.

  • Over the years we've offered the local market hundreds of Estonianized board games such as Alias, I Know, Estonian Memory Game, Wanna Bet?, Let's Learn and many more. 
  • Insplay has provided the educational sect with tens of thousands of robots, electronic platforms and selflearning scientific laboratoy sets. Insplay is the leader of smart learning tools in Estonia.
Insplay lauamängude valik

Where can you buy our products?

All of Insplay's product range is in our e-shop.
Insplay's largest resellers are widely known retailers in Estonia - Coop, Prisma, Selver, Kaubamaja, Apollo, Rahva Raamat, XS Mänguasjad, Juku, Euronics,, Klotsipood, Hansapost and many more.

More about resellers Insplay e-shop    

Our History

  • Establishment of the Company

    In September of 1991 Rekato was born. The goal of the company was to provide post-soviet Estonians with high quality toys which promoted growth.

  • Our own stores

    In 1994 we opened the first LEGO toy store and in total had 3 stores across Tallinn until 2002.

  • LEGO Guinness World Record

    Yes. We broke a world record. We built a 24,91 meter tall LEGO tower. We built it on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds out of 391 478 LEGO bricks. It made it's way into the Book of Guinness World Records.

  • Expansion to Latvia

    From 2003 to 2014 we did business in Latvia under the subcompany named "Riiatoys".

  • The birth of Insplay

    When branching out for business in 2017, we decided to rebrand to Insplay. Loe lähemalt

  • Robotics and 50 000 kids who love programming/coding.

    We delivered over 8000 programmable robots in Estonia and continued to be one of the best in the robotics category. Through these educational toys we support over 50 000 Estonian kids in learning programming.

  • Ravensburger record puzzle

    In October of 2018 we decided to make the world's largest puzzle. It was built in the Solaris Shopping Centre and consisted of 40 320 pieces. Over 1000 participants helped us put it together.
    We donated the puzzle to Viljandi Hospital to make both the old and the young happy whenever they gaze upon it.
    Vaata lisa

  • MATIK sõnaus

    2019 aastal toimus Insplay algatusel ja koostöös teiste haridusedendajatega sõnakonkurss leidmaks STEAM akronüümi asemele ilus ja täpne eestikeelse vaste. Tulevikku suunatud sõnause võitis uus akronüüm MATIK, mis tähistab viiel valdkonnal tuginevat praktilise kallakuga õpet ehk matemaatika, teaduse, tehnoloogia, inseneeria ning kunstide edukat ühendamist. Loe lisa

  • Nutika Vanema Klubi

    Teekond paremaks lapsevanemaks algab meie kui lapsevanemate soovist pidevalt areneda ja kasvada, mida toetab julgus muutuda. Algatasime Nutika Vanema Klubi, mis ühendab uue põlvkonna lapsevanemaid. Julgustame ja toetame lapsevanemaid laste tulevikuoskustega seotud valikute tegemisel. Hakkasime tootma lapsevanematele suunatud “edutainment” saatesarja Einstein3000. 

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