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Ages from 3+

TTS Bee-Bot Nature Mat

The Bee ‐ Bot nature trail study mat has 27 * 5 squares.
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The task of the Bee ‐ Bot robot is to reach the pictures on the 4m x 90cm nature trail learning mat with 27 * 5 squares, which picture cards the team representative pulls out of the card pack (sold separately). You can draw 3-7 cards. Cards must be drawn for at least + 1 team member. The robot starts the journey from the image shown on the first map. The order and route of the cards is chosen by the team, based on the smallest possible number of steps between images. Each team member creates at least one program. If the team has several robots, each subsequent stage can be completed with a different robot. There are up to 3 teams on one mat.
Product TTS Bee-Bot Nature Mat details
Target Group
Age: 3+
Width: 12.5 cm
Height: 12.5 cm
Length: 91.0 cm
Product Code: LOODUSMATT