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ClassVR Premium Set of 8 (64GB) with 1-year license

ClassVR Premium Set of 8 (64GB) with 1-year license of ClassVR Portal and Avantis World
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ClassVR on spetsiaalselt haridusele mõeldud virtuaalreaalsuse (VR) ja liitreaalsuse (AR) terviklahendus koos õppesisu portaaliga, milles on üle 500 erineva õppevaldkonnaga seotud materjali.

Bring unattainable reality to the classroom through the ClassVR solution!

ClassVR is an innovative complete educational virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solution for schools. The classroom kit includes a durable and portable case with 8 VR and AR headsets. The Estonian-language teacher portal contains thousands of educational materials and allows the teacher to conveniently manage all head devices at the same time. The constantly expanding collection of materials (images, videos, scenes and objects of augmented reality) covers all school subjects. 10 lesson plans in Estonian are available on the teacher portal to make getting started as easy as possible.

With the help of ClassVR glasses, the student can get a direct experience of places, phenomena and activities that they have not come across in life or that would be impossible in reality. The big plus of the set is supporting integrated learning. Lesson plans in Estonian simply show how the same learning content can be used in a geography lesson, an Estonian language lesson, a mathematics lesson and, for example, a physical education lesson. In addition, the teacher controls the process in all glasses at the same time; he decides what the students watch. It is very popular to use head units in history, geography, biology, art history, natural sciences... However, the tourism sector has invested in high-quality 360-degree videos that introduce world cultural objects and are excellent for language learning. Also, virtual reality and augmented reality allow students to visit and explore places and objects that would be inaccessible without digital technology.
Using the ThingLink and CoSpaces applications of ClassVR's partners, it is possible to load your own content into the glasses and create your own worlds.

Class VR Premium class kit gives an innovative and innovative approach to learning - it is user-friendly and portable. Students can learn individually and independently, maintaining their desire to learn and activity.
The ClassVR head unit does not require a separate smart device. The device can be used to view both VR and AR materials. In addition to the control buttons, the head unit has a simple user interface, allowing you to search, control and open various activities that are stored in the device with head and hand movements.

The headset has a headband and a face pillow, the ability to adjust focus, controls, a camera, speakers, a microphone, a restart button, the ability to connect headphones, the ability to add a memory card, a light and distance sensor, an acceleration sensor (g-sensor), a compass and a 9-axis gyroscope. Devices can be controlled over Wi-Fi using the ClassVR portal, which can be purchased for a separate license fee. To view augmented reality materials, the ARC application must be launched on the device.
Separately, the head unit can be charged with a micro USB-C cable.

Each ClassVR Premium case comes with 8 wired hand controllers that support ClassVR's exciting new content version; scenes to explore. It is powered by a ClassVR headset. The hand controller is lightweight with three buttons and a central joystick controller.
When immersing students in a virtual learning environment with ClassVR headsets, the optional controller empowers students to intuitively explore their virtual environment with newfound fluidity and total control.

Main unit technical data:
• Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Processor
• 4GB DDR RAM & 64GB internal memory
• 13MP front camera with automatic focus
• 5.5” 2560×1440 high resolution screen
• 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band 2.4/5Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2
Micro SD card slot
Stereo speakers and microphone
3.5 stereo jack for headphones

USB-C charging / input for hand controller
4000 mAh polymer lithium ion battery, up to four hours of battery life
Integrated speakers
3-way adjustable head restraint with two back straps

8 main devices can be charged simultaneously in the case. The built-in cooling system allows the main devices to be charged even when the case is closed at the same time. The case has special cushioning that keeps the head units firmly in place, protecting them from shock. In addition, the suitcase has an extendable handle and rubber wheels, making it easy to transport from one place to another.

Suitcase dimensions: 59 x 42 x 33 cm
Weight of the case with head units: 13.3 kg
Head unit dimensions: 18.5 x 15.5 x 10.2 cm
Weight of main unit: 0.4 kg
The ClassVR virtual reality solution requires a ClassVR portal, which requires a license to use.

See more:
You can find lesson plans in Estonian here:
ClassVR portal 1a license: ClassVR has created a separate portal for teachers where it is possible to check the content of all main settings with a few simple mouse clicks. Students can explore different scenes, videos and pictures only if the teacher has given permission to do so. If there is no permission, everyone will watch what the teacher wants to show. Controlling 30 head units simultaneously has never been so easy. This gives confidence that the students use the head devices as intended and that the conducted lesson fulfills its purpose.

The ClassVR portal contains thousands of materials that are convenient for teachers to use in all subjects. The material collection is constantly growing. The selection includes 360-degree images, 360-degree videos, 3D models (augmented reality) and scenes where you can move around. All materials are divided into categories, marked with different search words and divided by subjects - all to make the search as easy as possible. In addition, 10 lesson plans in Estonian have been prepared to make getting started as easy as possible. The lesson plans contain a QR code, as a result of which the correct materials immediately reach the main device. In addition, the lesson plans perfectly show how it is possible to integrate subjects. You can see lesson plans in Estonian here:

Avantis Maailm 1 year license: The world's first educational virtual reality theme park. The theme park consists of six different worlds that cover all areas of the curriculum. With hundreds of exploratory scenes, students are immersed in a unique learning experience.
ClassVR on spetsiaalselt haridusele mõeldud virtuaalreaalsuse (VR) ja liitreaalsuse (AR) terviklahendus koos õppesisu portaaliga, milles on üle 500 erineva õppevaldkonnaga seotud materjali.
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Age: 8+
Product Code: CVR264-CRS-8-A-L1
Manufacturer: Avantis
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