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Ages from 3+

HEY CLAY Modeling Clay Animals

HEYCLAY voolimismass loomad 15 tk
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In a box, different colored modeling compounds, packed in 15 cups and 2 modeling sticks for crafting smaller details. Instructions for sculpting characters - download the HEY CLAY app, enter the code you find in the box, follow the instructions and craft the character.
Or use your imagination and flow without using help. Allow the figure to air dry for a day and then you can play with it. If you want to use the molding compound repeatedly, keep it in closed cups protected from air.
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Target Group
Age: 3+
Width: 7.2 cm
Height: 18.2 cm
Length: 22.2 cm
Weight: 0.535 kg
Product Code: 15012E
EAN: 4897105241614