Our Values

These core values are the heart of Insplay and reflect what we believe to be truly important. Our everyday actions and choices are based on these values.

Insplay company value 1 - One Team

One Team

We are One Team with our customers and partners. We work together on our mutual goals and mission.

Insplay company value 2 - Value-adding


We focus on value adding solutions. We constantly test and try with small  costs and learn from failures. We value Innovation through Technology.

Insplay company value 3 - Open and Honest

Open and Honest

We act transparently and talk about things as they are. We practice "no-gossip" attitude.

Insplay company value 4 - Responsibility


Responsibility begins from each individual. We ask "is this choice the best for Insplay and others?" and move towards becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Insplay company value 5 - Playful learning

Playful learning

We play an educational game. We celebrate wins and do something fun together.

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Our People

Put names and faces together - who is the team behind Insplay.

Our Mission

What makes us tick, inspires and gives us purpose.


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