mBot varuosad ja andurid

Mootorreduktor DC 6V/312RPM

5,90 €

Robotite IR pult V2

3,90 €

The IR controller is designed to wirelessly control robots and other mechanical device. Working with many common IR receiver, this IR controller provides you a simple and easy way to control your devices without touching it!

(Picture for reference only. please go through part list before purchasing.)

TFT LCD ekraan

29,90 €

Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch V1 is controlled through serial port, and backlight can be adjusted. It has M4 mounting holes at intervals of 16mm, and it is compatible with Makeblock beams. The 2.54mm pin holes is used to connect with Dupont wire. The 6P6C RJ25 interface is easy for wiring. Basic graphic display such as dots, lines, circle, rectangle, and filled rectangle are supported. It also has build-in fonts and variety of pictures which can be directly used by command. Arduino library is easy for programming.

mBot liitiumaku

16,90 €

mBoti kontrolleri karp

3,90 €

he mCore case specially was designed for mBot, and compatible with Lego. The half-transparent and dull polish shell not only protects the mainboard but also reduces the harm of LED light to your eyes. And you can put a Li battery shell at the bottom.

Me 130 DC Motor Pack

6,90 €

Me 130 DC Motor Pack is a funny package that comes with a 130g DC motor with circuit board for easy-using and protecting the motor, four nylon studs for support, and a mini fan. You can put it all together to build a electric fan, kids would love it! And by adding some other Makeblock components, you can build funny projects such as cooling machine, smart fan, bluetooth control, bubble machine.

180 optiline pöördkooder

14,90 €

180 optical encoder motor is equipped with optical encoder which enables motor to control in high-accuracy. And the unique structure makes this motor compliable with various parts. Meanwhile, due to the special materials, it produces lower noise while running and promises large output torque.

Makeblock Bluetooth adapter (BT4,0)

17,90 €

Makeblock Bluetooth dongle is a BT4.0 (low power consumption) interface converter for Bluetooth devices that is designed mainly for short-distance wireless data transmission.
The dongle can pair with any Makeblock devices with built-in Bluetooth modules, which offers users a smoother wireless experience.

1. USB interface, plug-in directly to achieve Makeblock Bluetooth wireless programming device;
2. Only for Makeblock Bluetooth devices;
3. High transmission efficiency, low latency data transmission;

Me audio helimoodul

17,90 €

Product Description:
1. Audio play module is compatible with all serial of Makeblock master control borads.
2. It has internal chip of speech decoder, and it can play music and record as well.
3. The color code of this module is white which means I2C signal control, and it needs to connect to the port with white color code on the master control board.
4. You can enjoy music after inserting a TF storage card.
5. It is easily used.

1. High sensitivity with sound.

Me Auriga kontroller

65,90 €

Me Auriga is the updated version of Orion which equipped with several sensors. The previous two red ports have been changed into four but remain the functions. Also, PORT5 is isolated only with serial communication function. So it can't be used to update program and is only for communication. Also, it is compatible with USB serial port. PORT6 to PORT10 are compatible with dual-digital, simulation, I2C bus, unibus, and simulated serial port. Me Auriga has encoder motor port, smart servo port and LED Ring Panel port (with power switch). Besides, the PCB is also enlarged.

Me Orion kontroller (Arduino UNO) V1

35,90 €

Makeblock Orion is an easy-to-use mainboard based on Arduino Uno with improvements for education. It provides eight RJ25 ports to connect to all the other Me series modules with color-labels, can save you from horrible pin-wiring and help you focus on inventor amazing projects. Makeblock Orion supports most of programming software (Arduino/ Scratch/ AduBlock), and we offer the customized graphical programming software (Scratch for Robot/ Makeblock HD App).

Me RGB joonejärgija V1

15,90 €

RGB Grayscale Sensor is specially designed for line detect competition. It contains 4 RGB fill flashes and 4 photodiodes. This sensor can be used to detect line on deep background with light color track and light background deep color track as well. RGB Grayscale Sensor can detect line when grey value is greater than threshold value.( It is advised that the threshold value is greater than 30, that the effect is better.) This module has the functions of fast detection, learn court via button and the advantage of well adapted.

MEDS150 servomootor

35,90 €

Me joonejärgija

11,90 €

Me värviandur V1

8,90 €

The Me Color Sensor is a color sensor capable of recognizing a total of six colors, including black, white, red, blue, yellow, and green. This module's interface port is a standard blue-and-white, and uses I2C protocol for communication. It must be directly connected to a motherboard with a blue-and-white interface port.

The white region is a reference point for the attachment of the metal beam.
Contains reverse current protection; reverse current will not damage the IC.

US-Euro toite ülemineku adapter maandusega

3,90 €

Pistik EUR maandusega

mBot kontroller mCore V1

39,90 €

What is mCore?
mCore is an easy-to-use main control board specially designed for mBot. Based on Arduino Uno, mCore integrates various onboard sensors, such as buzzer, light sensor, RGB LED, etc., which provides you an easier way to start learning electronics.

• Comes with Arduino and Makeblock Library for easy programming.
• Include various featured sensors, such as buzzer, light sensor, RGB LED, etc.
• On-board USB type B connector design for long-time use.
• Resettable fuse prevents the board from getting burn.

Makeblock kaugusandur

24,90 €

The Me Ultrasonic Sensor V3.0 is the improvement version of Me Ultrasonic Sensor V2.0, better quality and perform more stable.
Me Ultrasonic Sensor can be used to measure distance or obstacle avoidance, from 3cm to 4m. With the Arduino library we provide, users can get the distance directly and use the module easily.

Comes with Arduino library for easy programming
Over-current protection
Easy wiring with 6 Pin RJ25 interface
Labeled with yellow tag and compatible with Me Base Shield and Me Baseboard

Makeblock ME UNO laiendusplaat

12,90 €

This module is a shield of Arduino UNO. It can turn Arduino pins into Makeblock RJ25 ports. You can connect Arduino UNO with Makeblock electronic modules. This shield provides a stable power, so it can drive many servos and motors.

2.54mm pin holes for connecting with Dupont wire
Easy wiring with 6P6C RJ25 interface
Arduino library for easy programming

Rated Voltage: 6V - 12V
Rated Current: 1.5A

Mootorreduktor TT DC 6V

4,90 €

Makeblock TT Geared Motor DC 6V/200RPM is the new power source with plastic gears in Makeblock platform. This TT Geared Motor fits perfectly with Makeblock Plastic Timing Pulley 62T and Plastic Timing Pulley 90T for the wheels system of DIY items. It can be used in Makeblock mBot as the power source.

* Support for positive and negative transfer.
* High accurateness in flow control.
* D(1.5-4)mm*0.5m silicone tube is included for using.
* Environmental protection silicone tube for food and medical industry.

Me 4 nupu moodul

6,90 €

Me 4 Button V1.0 is great for all kinds of projects, can work as function button or direction button to control your robots. There are 4 momentary buttons on the PCB board which have a great "click" to them. They all share an analog output and different analog values reflect different buttons. You can easily connect it to Me BaseBoard V1.0 or Me BaseShield V2.0 by 6 Pin RJ25 cable.

Me 7 segmendiline serial näidik - punane

9,90 €

Me 7-Segment Serial Display is a classic 4-digit common anode 7-segment display, it usually used to display numbers and a few special characters. You can easily use it in your robot project to show speed, time, the value of sensors, or scores. Me 7-Segment Serial Display is based on chip TM1637, you can control each segment and decimal point individually. Controlling each segment is not a complicated work, we have provided Arduino library for easy programming.

Me gaasiandur

9,90 €

Me Gas Sensor includes a smoke sensor of type MQ2 which has good repeatability, long-term stability, short response time, and durable working performance. It is often used as a gas leakage monitoring device in family and factory, and suitable for detecting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), butane, propane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen, smoke, etc. Its black ID means that it has an analog port and needs to be connected to the port with black ID on Makeblock Orion.

Me Potentiometer V1

4,90 €

This is a 50k dial type potentiometer with knob which can be rotated up to 270 degrees. It can convert rotary motion to an analog input which can be used to control the speed of a mobile robot, the brightness of RGB LEDs, or others.


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