Keermete lisakomplekt V2

37,90 €

Thread Drive Pack by Makeblock can be used to build thread drive system and includes Fully Threaded Rod M4x192mm/M4x288mm, Linear Motion Shaft 4x288mm, Thread Drive Beam, Universal Joint and DC Motor-25 6V/185RPM.

mBot lisakomplekt - LED maatriks ekraan

12,90 €

"This Me LED Matrix 8 x 16 from Makeblock is frequently-used together with mBot to color your experience of playing with the robot. It has has 128 blue LEDS packed into 16 x 8 dot matrix. This feature enables you to show your animations or characters clearly and brightly.

Find out more with this guide:"

Me kaksik DC mootori draiver V2.1

15,90 €

Me Dual DC motor driver from Makeblock can drive 2x DC motors with currents up to 2A peak and 1A continuous per motor. The driver is based around the TB6612PNG motor driver IC which features high-efficiency MOSFET H-bridges with overcurrent protection. This module is essential for interfacing the Robot Gripper from Makeblock to your next creation.

MG995 servo lisakomplekt

31,90 €

"MG995 Standard Servo Pack from Makeblock contains an MG995 standard servo, a Servo Hub, a servo bracket and some hardwares.

MG995 servo is a simple, commonly used standard servo for your mechanical needs. It comes with a stardard 3 pin power and control cable for easy using. With the servo hub and servo bracket, it may be convenient to connect the servo with other parts. A Me RJ25 Adapter also help you to connect the servo with Me Baseboard or Makeblock Orion easily."

Nurgikute lisakomplekt

31,90 €

Bracket Robot Pack from Makeblock contains most frequently used brackets and plates in Makeblock platform, which you can use to make special constructions for example with mBot, Arduino, Scratch 2.0 and other Robotics.

Robotkäsi kuni 1,5kg koos 12V mootoriga

37,90 €

"The Robot Gripper from Makeblock is an add-on for your mBot or mBot Ranger for getting a grip on bigger objects than the mini-gripper can. The gripper is made from lightweight PVC and powered by an N20 screw motor which is protected by a thermal overload fuse.

Supplied as a fully assembled unit.
The Me Dual DC Motor Driver adaptor is required to connect the gripper to the main board of the mBots."

Sirgjoonelise liikumise lisakomplekt

18,90 €

Rectilinear Motion Robot Pack from Makeblock contains four kinds of Makeblock components, mainly used to build linear motion mechanisms. For example, attach a nylon pulley to Makeblock beams to give your robot a smooth linear motion.

mBot lisakomplekt - heli- ja valgusandurid

29,90 €

"mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound from Makeblock is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct ""lighting chasing robot"", ""Scorpion robot"" and ""Intelligent voice-activated desk light "" with mBot and the components in this pack. Each one has infinite possibility.

Experience the magic of mBot in the changing light and sound."

Robootika liikuvate vahendite lisakomplekt

49,90 €

Robot Motion Pack from Makeblock contains frequently-used parts in building motion mechanisms like timing pulleys and belts.

Leiutaja elektroonikakomplekt

159,90 €

Leiutaja elektroonikakomplekt Makeblockilt on modulaarne prototüüpimise platvorm. Komplekt koosneb 12 andurist ja täiturist, mida saad ühendada Me Orion programmeeritava aju külge ja leiutamine algab.

Me Orion on Arduino Uno’l põhinev mikrokontroller, võimaldades seda visuaalselt programmeerida Scratchi põhiselt või C/C++ keeles kasutades Arduino IDE vahendeid. Vajab 6 x AA patareid (pole komplektis).

mBot lisakomplekt - kuuejalgne robot

29,90 €

"mBot six-legged robot from Makeblock is a 3-in-1 expansion pack based on mBot.

You can construct ""Beetle"", ""Mantis"" and ""Crazy Frog"" with mBot and the parts inside the pack.

The mBot six-legged robot makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable. Let's get your six-legged robot move!"

mBot lisakomplekt - servo

29,90 €

"mBot servo pack from Makeblock is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct ""Dancing Cat"", ""Head-Shaking Cat"" and ""Light-Emitting Cat"" with mBot and the components in this pack.

mBot servo pack makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable, which is of benefit to children's creative thinking."

Mecanum ratastega robootikakomplekt Orion ko...

958,90 €

Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit from Makeblock is a type of mobile chassis robot based on Makeblock open source hardware. The chassis of this kit consists of mecanum wheel, encoder motor driver, mechanical structure and other electronic modules (e.g. main controller). This robot kit is for projects that move in narrow space or projects that need to move in all directions.

Muusika robootikakomplekt V2

239,90 €

"The music robot kit from Makeblock uses an ultrasonic module to detect the position of gestures, then the stepper motor will be driven to move Xylophone's hammer. When the hammer moves to the right bar, robot will control electromagnet to hit the bar. Users can also control the music robot through upper computer, or play your own music with the robot.

XY telje joonistaja laseriga graveerimise lis...

149,90 €

Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack from Makeblock can be used with XY Plotter Robot Kit (SKU: 90014) and mDrawBot (SKU: 90070 & SKU: 90078) adding laser engraving function to these 2 robot kits.

Ülim kümme-ühes robootikakomplekt V2

399,90 €

Ülim V2 kümme-ühes robootikakomplekt on Makeblocki robotite lipulaev, mis ühildub nii Arduino kui Raspberry Pi-ga. Ultimate 2.0 on täiuslik valik robootika entusiastidele, et õppida mehhaanilist disaini, elektroonikat ja programmeerimist. Komplektiga tuleb kaasa 10 erineva mudeli konstrueerimise juhised, pakkudes pikaks ajaks leiutamisrõõmu.

Roboti ajuks on MegaPi, mis baseerub populaarsel Arduino Mega 2560 mikrokontrolleril ja suudab samaaegselt käitada kuni 10 servot, 8 DC mootorit / 4 samm-mootorit ning pakub kuni 10A väljundvoolu.


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