Nurgikute lisakomplekt

31,90 €

Bracket Robot Pack from Makeblock contains most frequently used brackets and plates in Makeblock platform, which you can use to make special constructions for example with mBot, Arduino, Scratch 2.0 and other Robotics.

Robotkäsi kuni 1,5kg koos 12V mootoriga

37,90 €

"The Robot Gripper from Makeblock is an add-on for your mBot or mBot Ranger for getting a grip on bigger objects than the mini-gripper can. The gripper is made from lightweight PVC and powered by an N20 screw motor which is protected by a thermal overload fuse.

Supplied as a fully assembled unit.
The Me Dual DC Motor Driver adaptor is required to connect the gripper to the main board of the mBots."

Sirgjoonelise liikumise lisakomplekt

18,90 €

Rectilinear Motion Robot Pack from Makeblock contains four kinds of Makeblock components, mainly used to build linear motion mechanisms. For example, attach a nylon pulley to Makeblock beams to give your robot a smooth linear motion.

Me Sound heliandur

7,90 €

Me Sound Sensor is designed to detect the intensity of sound in the surrounding environment. You can use it in sound interative project such as a voice operated switch or build a dancing robot with music. Based on the power amplifier LM386 and the electret microphone, it can output analog values ranging from 0 to 1023. Due to a potentiometer, you can adjust the sensitivity according to different situations.

RJ25 20cm kaablite komplekt (4tk)

2,90 €

6P6C RJ25 kaablite komplekt. Ühildub Makeblock elektrooniliste moodulitega. Pakis 4 kaablit, iga kaabli pikkus 20cm.

Me RJ25 adapter

3,90 €

Me RJ25 Adapter can convert 6P6C RJ25 connector to 2 common singnal connectors (which contains power interfaces and a signal interface). It can be used to connect modules from other manufacturers to Me series modules such as connecting temperture sensor to Me Baseboard, Me Micro Limit Switch to Me Baseboard.

Me ühendus Raspberry Pile

3,40 €

Me shield for Raspberry Pi is attached on the Raspberry Pi to give Me Baseboard or Makeblock Orion access with hardware serial communication.

* No soldering needed and ready to use
* Support Python programming
* Compatible with Model A,B, B+
* With a RJ25 connector for Me Baseboard or Makeblock Orion
* Come with header, without occupying GPIO pins

LED RGB riba - adresseeritav, 0,5m

7,90 €

This addressable RGB LED strip from Makeblock comes packed with 15 LEDs (0.5M). Except the features of high brightness and full color, you can control each LED RGB individually, and each of these strips are enclosed by a flexible silicon jacket to protect your LEDs . It is fashionable for you to create cool lighting effects for your home decorative, fish tank, your car or perhaps cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

mBot Korravalvur lisakomplekt - valgusmõõk

55,90 €

See lisakomplekt muudab sinu mBot Korravalvuri ""Tähtede sõja"" ehk Star Wars sarjas kasutatavaks ulmeliseks isetegijate valgusmõõgaks.
* Sisaldab erinevaid valmis programmeeritud valguseffekte nagu valgusmõõk, värve vahetav mõõk, vikerkaare mõõk ja palju muud.
* Valgusmõõka saab programmeerida mBlock ja Makeblock kaudu, mis võimaldab ise luua oma valgusprogramme.
* Lõputult mängurõõmu tänu nelja erineva juhtimisrežiimi toele sh güroskoop, heliandur, valgusandur ja puuteandur.

Me Light valgusandur

8,90 €

Me Light Sensor from Makeblock is used to detect the light intensity. It's like a Me Light and Grayscale Sensor without the white LED. Almost the same function and usage, but a little cheaper. You can use it to make a intelligent dimming lamp, a laser communication system, or something cooler. The library is same as Me Light and Grayscale Sensor.

Me RGB LED moodul

7,90 €

Me RGB LED from Makeblock is a shiny Me series module which has 4 full color ws2812 RGB LEDs. With integrated chip, you can control each LED individually to adjust its brightness and creat any color by mixing different amounts of red, green, blue. It is cost effective for you using in shiny lighting interative project such as decorating your robot or room.

Robootika alustuskomplekti lisakomplekt - ele...

37,90 €

The Electronic Add-on Pack from Makeblock is to expand on your Starter Robot Kit. There are 8 electronic modules in it. With this add-on pack and Starter Kit, you can create a lot of cool project. You can also implement several projects in Inventor Electronic Kit.

mBot lisakomplekt - 2.4G juhtmevaba moodul

24,90 €

This 2.4G Wireless Serial by Makeblock is designed for mBots to be used in classroom or workshop when many people use wireless communication simultaneously. It uses the same the techology as wireless mouse. With the feature of no pairing needed and no drivers needed, there is no signal interference when many modules work simultaneously. With two parts included: a dongle to plug on your computer (supports 32 & 64 bit Windows & Mac); a module to plug on the mCore, you can easily establish a wireless connection between the software mBlock and mBot.

MegaPi mikrokontroller

49,90 €

MegaPi is a microcontroller board from Makeblock based on ATmega2560. With abundant motor driver interfaces, it can control and combine different kinds of motors rapidly, drive 10 servos and 8 DC motors/ 4 stepper motors simultaneously and have a maximum output current of 10A.

MegaPi can be programmed with Arduino software (IDE) or graphical programming language. It is even better that MegaPi works perfectly with Raspberry Pi, by which makers will be able to drive motors and sensors with Python!

Me 3-telje kiirendusandur ja güroskoop

24,90 €

Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor from Makeblock is a motion processing module. It can use to measure the angular rate and the acceleration information of your robot or other devices.

Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor is based on MPU-6050, it combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) capable of processing complex 9-axis Motion Fusion algorithms.

Me joonejälgimise moodul

17,90 €

Me Line Follower Array from Makeblock is specially designed for professional users who need to make line-following robots, such as makers. It has 6 pair infrared probes on which the high-precision comparators will compare the detected colors. Compared to Me Line Follower, it has higher precision. When black line on the white background is detected by the comparators, the LED light will turn on and the robot will move along the black line. On the contrary, when the white line on the black background is detected, robot will follow the white line.

Me kompass

12,90 €

Me Compass from Makeblcok is a 3-axis digital compass. The main chip is Honeywell HMC5883L. On-board regulator provides stable power for HMC5883L. We provide a library to initialize, calibrate, and read the data.

* Self-calibration
* I2C interface
* 2.54mm pin holes for connecting with Dupont wire
* Easy wiring with 6P6C RJ25 interface
* Arduino library for easy programming

Me leegi tuvastamise andur

7,90 €

Me Flame Sensor from Makeblock can be used to detect fire source or light source with wavelength in the range of 760 nm to 1100 nm. Its detection angle is up to 60 degrees, and detection accuracy can be adjusted. When the flame is detected, its blue indicator will light on. It can be applied to the safety monitoring projects such as fire-fighting robot and flame alarm. The port of this module has black ID, and RJ25 cable can used to connect to the port with black ID on Makeblock Orion.

Me PIR liikumisandur

8,90 €

Me PIR sensor from Makeblock is used to detect motion from animals/humans from about 6m away. If anyone moved in that range, the sensor outputs HIGH on its SIG pin. With a potentiometersoldered on its circuit board, you can adjust its detecting range according to your need. Here are some ideas for application: motion detecting, thief-guarding system, automation switch.

Note: when you give it power supply,you may need to wait 10 seconds until the sensor Initialize.

Me temperatuuri ja niiskuse andur

9,90 €

Me Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Makeblock contains a calibrated digital signal output. It adopts specific digital module collecting technology and temperature-humidity sensing technology to ensure high reliability and excellent long-term stability. This module can measure the temperature from 0℃ to 50℃. Users can use it to build a cost-effective temperature and humidity monitoring system. Its yellow ID means that it has a single-digital port and needs to be connected to the port with yellow ID on Makeblock Orion.

Me temperatuuriandur (veekindel DS18B20))

8,90 €

This is the temperature sensor from Makeblock based on chip DS18B20 consisting of a waterproof probe and long wire shape, which is perfect for immersive temperature detectionor detectingg something far away.The DS18B20 provides 9 to 12-bit (configurable) temperature readings over a 1-Wire interface, so that only one wire (and ground) needs to be connected from a central microprocessor.

Mikrokontrolleri klamber

2,90 €

Makeblock Base Bracket is a kind of multi-purpose bracket which can use for Arduino, Meduino, and even Raspberry Pi.

Base Bracket B is bigger than Base Bracket A and has more holes to connect with electronic boards and mechanical parts. Additionally, the two biggest holes in the bracket will allow the RJ25 cables to go through.

Plastic Rivet 3075, Plastic Rivet 4060 and Plastic Rivet 4100 are included.

Patareide hoidja 6 x AA

3,90 €

6 x AA patareidehoidja Makeblockilt koos toitepistiku ja kaabliga: 20cm. Ideaalne Arduinole, ühildub Makeblock kontrolleri klambriga.

mBot lisakomplekt - Bluetooth moodul

18,90 €

This Bluetooth module is designed specially for individual users or family to play fun. You can use your smart phones or computers (Bluetooth enabled) to control the mBots wirelessly with this module.


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