Raspberry Pi 3 Premium komplekt

Raspberry Pi 3 Premium komplekt
Raspberry Pi 3 Premium komplekt

"What is in the Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit?
• Raspberry Pi 3 B Computer Board
• Official Raspberry Pi USB Power Supply
• Official Raspberry Pi HDMI Cable
• Premium Raspberry Pi Case
• micro-SD card with operating system - New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS)

Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B)
Raspberry Pi 3 has more processing power and now includes wireless connectivity directly on the PCB. With both WiFi and Bluetooth integrated into the Pi 3, it makes connected projects far quicker and easier than ever before.

micro-SD card with NOOBS Software
The included micro-SD card has NOOBS software pre-installed. If you want to choose an OS for your Pi, then before turning it on, connect it to the Internet via Ethernet otherwise Raspbian is installed. The operating systems available for Raspberry Pi are:

• Raspbian
• Pidora
• OpenElec
• RaspBMC
• Arch
• Linux"

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