Me Light valgusandur

Me Light valgusandur
Me Light valgusandurMe Light valgusandur
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Me Light Sensor from Makeblock is used to detect the light intensity. It's like a Me Light and Grayscale Sensor without the white LED. Almost the same function and usage, but a little cheaper. You can use it to make a intelligent dimming lamp, a laser communication system, or something cooler. The library is same as Me Light and Grayscale Sensor.

* Wide measuring range and high resolution
* 16mm interval M4 mounting holes, compatible with Makeblock beams
* 2.54mm pin holes for connecting with Dupont wire
* Easy wiring with 6P6C RJ25 interface
* Arduino library for easy programming

* Rated Voltage: 5V
* Size: 24 x 48 x 16 mm (length x width x height)

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8,90 €

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