Insplay XML feed

Insplay XML is a convenient data synchronization option that allows you to import our full product catalogue of more than 4000 articles including rich product data to your e-shop.

We provide our XML feed in Estonian and English that you can access through partner-specific unique URL such as

1. Full XML feed

Full product catalog with rich data like descriptions, images, available stock, prices, and other attributes. File size ~5 MB.

2. Basic XML feed

Light product data for faster synchronization including product wholesale and recommended retail price and stock quantity. File size ~600 kB.

Stock data is updated at least in every 20min. Full XML feed is available per each language.

Best Practice: after initial product import from the Full XML feed, we recommend updating rich product data once per day preferably at nighttime. You can use the Basic XML feed to update stock data and pricing every 10 minutes. 

Full XML product data and attributes:
  • name - product name/title
  • product_code - product code / ID / SKU number
  • price_wholesale - wholesale price of the product in Euro without VAT
  • price_rrp - recommended retail price (RRP) of the product in Euro including Estonian VAT 20%
  • stock - available stock quantity
  • description - short description of the product
  • description_long - long description of the product
  • sale_argument - product sale arguments 
  • brand_id - associated brand ID
  • ean - EAN13 barcode
  • under_3_forbidden - is the product forbidden for children under the age of 3
  • age_from - appropriate for ages from
  • age_to - appropriate for ages to
  • more_info_url - manufacturer/brand URL for more product info
  • tags - descriptive keywords/tags for the product
  • tariff_no - customs tariff number 
  • origin_country - country this product originates from
  • images - product high resolution picture URLs
  • video - YouTube video URL
  • weight - net weight of this product in KG
  • height - product height in CM
  • length - product length in CM
  • width - product width in CM
  • related_products - related/associated product codes
  • date_created - date when the product became initially available for sale
  • date_updated - date when the product description, images or other rich content was updated
  • out_of_production - End of Life (EOL) or Out of Production product, that is no longer produced. We recommend to deactivate it once the stock is depleted

XML sample excerpt (downloadable Full and Basic files):

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <Product>         <name>TTS Bee-Bot Programmable Floor Robot</name> <product_code>IT10077B</product_code> <price_wholesale>XX.XX</price_rrp> <price_rrp>XX.XX</price_rrp> <stock>349.0</stock> <brand_id>(35, 'TTS')</brand_id> <description>Along with a memory of 200 steps, Bee-Bot® can now detect another Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® and say hello.</description> <descriptione_long>They will play a default sound or the students can record their own...</description_long>         <sale_argument>Bee-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.</sale_argument>
<Images> <Image></Image> <Image></Image> <Image></Image>         </Images> <age_from>3.0</age_from> <age_to>False</age_to> <under_3_forbidden>True</under_3_forbidden> <ean>False</ean> <origin_country>CN</origin_country> <weight>0.34</weight> <more_info_url></more_info_url> <tariff_no>95030075</tariff_no>         <date_create>2019-01-29</date_created> <date_updated>2019-11-26</date_updated>     </Product>

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