Product Code: EDMATE

Ages from 6+

EdMat Edison Robot Activity Laminated Mat

The EdMat is an A1 size (59cm x 84cm) (23.2in x 33.1in) robot activity mat.

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Perfect for getting started with Edison and for ongoing use as a test mat for all your Edison creations and programs, EdMat is designed to make running robot activities simple to set up and loads of fun.

The EdMat includes six barcodes that activate pre-installed programs including ‘follow a torch’, ‘line tracking’ and ‘sumo wrestle’. Instructions explaining how to scan the barcodes, and helpful hints about running each program (such as always starting the Edison on a white surface) are included on the EdMat. Using EdMats in the classroom makes it easy to set up ‘robot testing stations’ for students to try out their programs.

Product EdMat Edison Robot Activity Laminated Mat details
Target Group
Age: 6+
Width: 84.0 cm
Height: 0.1 cm
Length: 119.0 cm
Weight: 0.4112 kg
Product Code: EDMATE
Not Suitable WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3. Small parts. Risk of suffocation.