The world's most popular outdoor game Mölkky is making summer more fun!

Mölkky is the world's most popular outdoor game. With Mölkky your summer will pass with endless fun!
Play with friends and family and win super cool prizes! We're giving away x3 Xiaomi 1S electric scooters and much more!

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Learn how to learn!

Einstein3000 - a show meant for smart and modern parents. Watch the sixth episode which focuses on effective and fun learning.

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Insplay is the guide for parents

Insplay's mission is to develop the skills of future generations.

Insplay has 30 years of experience in smart toys, educational play and solutions.

We are the guide for parents. We encourage to achieve more and grow through play.

Insplay has provided educational institutes with over 30 000 smart programmable robots in the past years. 

We carry out trainings and webinars every year for more than 1000 kindergarten and school teachers. 

We've built the Smart Parents Club and the Einstein3000 show, which unites and inspires the parents of the new generation.

If you don't want your child to be an average Joe, then join us!

A store of clever toys - development boosting fun toys for every age.

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When buying from Insplay you support the education of Estonia.

We contribute to the Future Skills of Kids
We equip teachers with modern teaching tools 
We inject Startup mindset to the Youth
We bring STEAM education to masses

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