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"Arendav robootika
on parim!"
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Otsid midagi arendavat..? Vali robot.
Robootika on suurepärane tööriist tulevikuoskuste arendamiseks: probleemilahendamine, programmeerimine, loovus, digioskused ja palju muud!
Meie valikust leiad eakohase roboti igaühe jaoks, nii algajale kui ka vilunud koodikirjutajale 💙

Tutvu robootika valikuga

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Insplay has provided educational institutes with over 30 000 smart programmable robots in the past years. 

We carry out trainings and webinars every year for more than 1000 kindergarten and school teachers. 

We've built the Smart Parents Club and the Einstein3000 show, which unites and inspires the parents of the new generation.

If you don't want your child to be an average Joe, then join us!



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